About Joe Maxx

Our Mission

At Joe Maxx Coffee Company, it is our ambition to become a staple amongst local coffee addicts. Joe Maxx offers some of the best varieties of coffee beans and espresso in the country, roasted and brewed to perfection. Our local cafes serve Joe Maxx coffee exclusively, complimented with fresh pastries, bagels and sandwiches as well as a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

JMCC makes its best effort to design coffee shops with a unique and friendly atmosphere, where customers can socialize in a comfortable environment while enjoying the best brewed coffee, espresso and pastries in town. Most importantly, we are in the business of helping our customers relieve their daily stresses by providing peace of mind through great ambience, convenient locations, friendly customer service, and consistently high-quality products.

We also believe in hiring the best Baristas possible who can create perfectly crafted beverages, while also providing friendly customer service. For some, your Barista is the first person you see in the morning. We do our best to hire individuals who love both coffee and people. It’s our job to get your day started off right and we pride ourselves on doing so every day.

Our Coffee:

Joe Maxx Coffee Co. carries over a dozen coffee varieties including a mix of robust, single origin roasts and flavored blends. Fresh flavors are our passion and you can tell by the quality of our beans. Our Cold Brew and Espresso are both very popular for their smooth, balanced flavor profile. Our Signature Lattes are crafted with unique flavors to set us apart from the rest. A couple of our favorites are the “White & Dirty”: A Vanilla latte steamed with cinnamon for a spiced kick; or our nutty “Kolache Latte” which consists of hazelnut, almond and vanilla, topped with whipped cream, crushed pecans and a honey drizzle.

Here are some of our most popular drip coffee varieties, which we sell by the pound at any of our locations:

  • Joe’s Signature House Blend: Our own custom blend is a real crowd pleaser. It is the perfect Medium Roast. Bright, balanced, and smoky smooth with a hint of fruit & nut. This classic Roast has low acidity and a very clean finish.
  • Tanzanian Peaberry: Our Lightest Roast – “Peaberry” beans are noted for their small size, but they produce a big flavor. This coffee has a distinct chocolate aroma, with subtle oat-y undertones and a clean nutty after taste. Full bodied and bright, with lively acidity.
  • French Roast: Medium Dark Roast. Heavy-bodied and rich with flavor, with a bit of a smoky spiced taste, and a caramelized finish.
  • Indian Monsoon Malabar: Annual monsoon winds cause these beans to expand in size and acquire their unique, mellow flavor. Featuring overtones of baker’s chocolate and a distinct, spiced earthiness. Dark roast, with very low acidity.


Joe Maxx Coffee Co. currently operates cafés in 5 states (Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania), with new locations popping up all the time. Subscribe to our mailing list and follow your local Joe Maxx on social media to find out about new locations opening in your area!

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